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Sunday, September 8th, 2002
1:19 pm
Im at uncle Tohma's house with mommy and uncle ryu-chan :3 I havnt seen daddy in a wile ;-; I miss him. I'm glad uncle ryu-chan isnt mad at me for taking his kumagorou to hawaie with me ;-; it was a misteak! Anyway, Im having fun playing with uncle Tohma's cat! shes so cute! and momi-chan is too! I love playing with him! :3 I wish I had a little brother like him :3 At skool the other day, reporters were outside when mommy came to pick me up and she beat them up! Yay mommy! I love you <3 Im going to go play with momi-chan now! ja!

current mood: confused

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Saturday, August 10th, 2002
5:29 pm
Last week mommy had her birfday! I gave her a fether bowa like the ones I like to play dress up with. I think she liked it :3 Then Daddy left me at my older sister's house so I he could take Mommy out for dinner. I had fun playing with my niece and nefew. I dont have much to say so I'm going to go play. That rymed!

<3 Saki :3

current mood: happy

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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2002
6:42 am
Yay! Daddy made me one of these journals so I can share my day with you people like him and mommy! I'm happy! I want to go hug Tatsyuki!

current mood: excited

*I've given 6 hi-mi-chu!s already ^0^ I've got a secret for you <3*

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